Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Likes Rala on Facebook

Halloween is SO CLOSE! Get ready for the trick and treat giving by coming to Rala. We've got the good stuff for your friends, and some creepy things for that special nemesis of yours.

Jenna Hancock has gotten into the reason for the season with her newest painting.

The Boogey Man, Pond monster, and Skunk Ape can't handle all of the voodoo you're about to throw their way. These voodoo dolls handmade by Jenna Hancock's sister Kari Hancock are equipped with pins, so you can TAKE THEM DOWN!

How cute!! These are handmade by Kiama Springfield and perfect for adult trick-or-treating. I mean shopping, of course.

Halloween can be fun for all ages, so stop letting your little kiddies have all the fun! Come to Rala, and we'll be sure to fill your bag with treats, not tricks.

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