Friday, September 30, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit

Finally, what we've all been waiting for! Oh Little Rabbit t-shirts, onesies, and towels!

Your baby is cute already, but are you prepared to make him or her THE most adorable kid EVER?!

These are the towels that make you want to wash your hands more often. Pair one with some good-smellin' hand soap, and there you go!

Oh Little Rabbit combines nostalgic imagery with quality materials for the best possible product. Come shop and outfit your family and home with some handmade style!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reading With Your Nose

Did you know you can enjoy a book with your nose? You can! Thanks to our friends at Paddywax, literature is something you can now enjoy with your eyes as well as your nose. Welcome to our version of a Library! All your friends are here...

Like Edgar Allan Poe...

And Jane Austen...

And we even got Mr. Oscar Wilde to join us!

Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoy, Walt Whitman, and Henry Thoreau will also be there. Soy based, clean-burning, and so adorable, these little candles are a SMART buy. Happy reading!

Mr. Wonderful

Local artist Bran Rogers does everything! He works and lives downtown, he organizes art shows, he draws, he paints, he photographs, and he can balance a ball on his nose while riding a unicycle! Okay, he can't really do that balancing act, but we still think he's a pretty cool guy. Check out this new line of hand drawn/painted cards by Bran, and see if you think he's Mr. Wonderful, too.

The inside of the first card says, "Let's work it out."
The inside of the second card says, "It'll be fun (therapeutic)."

These cards are all hand done. Bran says, "You're welcome" for that!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Southern Fried Red Head

We're obsessed with local artist Jenna Hancock for several reasons:

1.) She grew up in Knoxville, and stays true to her roots.

2.) She adds charm and humor to Southern culture.

3.) The colors she uses look good enough to eat!

4.) Well, she's just so darn cute!

Do Dogs Have Southern Accents?

We think so! Especially when you do all the talking! These new bandanas by Meghan McCrary can say it for them and you.

Pick from several colors and two different styles:

We even got one of our favorite Market Square dogs to model her Southern pride for us!
Hello, Beamish!

Bark bark, Ya'll!

Friday, September 16, 2011

In Mary Shelley's Day...

These would definitely be the invitations she would use to thrown a party!

And these would be her favorite things to send to her friends:

And this is the card she would send to her lover...

Oh, Mary. You fox, you.

Check out new creations like these by Koxville's own Meghan McCrary. Even though it's September, we have Halloween cards, treats, and creeps. Happy Hallooweeeeeen!

One of Our Own

Amanda McCall is a local photographer who focuses on the preciousness and vastness of nature, and works in a cool tonal range. We are lucky enough to not only have her rich photographs, but also have her as an employee!

Pieces range from $9.95 to $19.95. Also, because all of them were done using film, they can be made to be different sizes.

Want more? Check out Amanda's website at

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Drink your Feelings

Or just sip from them slowly. Burning your tongue just isn't worth it!
These ceramics are made by artists Chad and Meghan Nelson of Alabama. They'll swear they didn't model them after anyone, but you be the judge!

These little hanging friends are called "Singing O's." See if you can tell why...


O's are $8 a piece and mugs start at $18 and go up in price based on toothiness.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September First Friday: RINjuel

For the First Friday in September, we welcomed back one of our favorite local artists: Erin Herb with RINjuel! Her classy creations are one of a kind and oh-so drool worthy!

This time around, she has brought us some longer necklaces and larger earrings. Everything is still made from the finest quality materials including sterling silver and freshwater pearls.

We had a blast hanging out with Erin for First Friday! We still have several of her one-of-a-kind creations here at Rala, so come take a look.

Talking Animal Challenge:

Try to guess what these adorable animals are saying on the inside of their cards:

And the answers aaarre...

We just got in 30 different varieties of these animal cards. Come grab a few for only $4.95 a piece!

Don't lose your marbles!

Whether you're losing your marbles or just your thoughts, investing in your memory is a good idea. Check out a couple of our new journals, so you can keep track of every spare thought and idea.

These journals by artist Jill Sanders are a lovely motivation for keeping a pen on your person at all times.

We love this "non-planner" planner, because it's perfect for people who have a short attention span. Every single page is different and inspiring.

This film diary allows you to remember exactly how you feel about a movie. Pair it with your Netflix account and become the film critic. Grab up one of these tree journals and fall in love with writing and hiking. Trees decorate the outside, and leaves line the pages.

Pick up one of these and inspire yourself to write, sketch, and remember.