Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Buzz Around Town...

...Is that Buzzabee is our favorite local scent and bath product designer! Hannah Turpin of Buzzabee comes and sees us every weekend to stock the store with brand new products. Check it out:

These lip balms are vegan and scented like pumpkin spice! YUMM

A spiced chai candle can cozy up any space. All Buzzabee candles are made of soywax, so they burn and smell cleaner. Hannah's vegan skin salves are perfect for any rough spot you might acquire.

These are the newest products from Buzzabee. Grab yourself an essential oil perfume for only 8.00! We have 2 scents: Autumn Moon and French Lavender.

This week, support local vendors, like Hannah Turpin of Buzzabee, and pamper yourself. Trade just a little money for some well-deserved TLC.

We Are Bulletproof!

Tokyo Milk has outdone themselves again! Check out these new Tokyo Milk DARK hand lotions in scents like "Bulletproof" and "Everything and Nothing."

These luscious cremes come in a tin tube and are packaged in a sleek black bag. We just love the way they look AND the way they smell!

If you're more of a soak-er than and moisteriz-er, try bubble bath by Tokyo Milk. The "Dead Sexy" scent is decorated with the daintiest of skulls!

It's getting cold outside, warm yourself up with our new lush products from Tokyo Milk!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Women and Children First, Please

Hey guys, take a step back, and give it up for your ladies and babies! Gnome Enterprises makes fantastic shirts, especially for women and children...

Kiddo and you go together like...

But that doesn't mean you're not as hot as a ____ and as wise as an ___ ...

Whatever the animal, why not make a memorable moment bewteen you and your mini you?
See you soon!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Likes Rala on Facebook

Halloween is SO CLOSE! Get ready for the trick and treat giving by coming to Rala. We've got the good stuff for your friends, and some creepy things for that special nemesis of yours.

Jenna Hancock has gotten into the reason for the season with her newest painting.

The Boogey Man, Pond monster, and Skunk Ape can't handle all of the voodoo you're about to throw their way. These voodoo dolls handmade by Jenna Hancock's sister Kari Hancock are equipped with pins, so you can TAKE THEM DOWN!

How cute!! These are handmade by Kiama Springfield and perfect for adult trick-or-treating. I mean shopping, of course.

Halloween can be fun for all ages, so stop letting your little kiddies have all the fun! Come to Rala, and we'll be sure to fill your bag with treats, not tricks.

Too Cool for Hip

Jon Pemberton repurposes vintage suitcases to be SO hip.
(It's not hip to say "hip" anymore, is it?)

Morrissey says, "hip," right?

No, honestly, Abe said, "hip."

Winston Churchill probably never said, "hip," but only because he was way too COOL for that.

Whether you are HIP or COOL or NEITHER, these suitcases are as badass as it comes. They range from $50-$75, so come get one before these one of a kind pieces are gone!

Your Light Bulb Just Came On...

Our friends from Random Acts of Flowers have stocked our shelves!

Random Acts of Flowers is a charity that works to collect flowers from weddings, memorial services, florists, special events, grocery stores and churches - to recycle and re-purpose them into beautiful bouquets for delivery to patients in area hospitals, nursing homes and hospice care centers.

Support their efforts by buying bulbs from Rala (Tuesday through Sunday) or their stand at the Saturday Farmer's Market (Next 3 weeks only).

Buy a bud for your buds and support a local charity!
Visit them at for more information.