Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Like, Love, and Hate

Valentines day is only a month away. Do you have tokens for those you like, love, and hate? If not, let our newest employee Meghan McCrary help you out. Meghan's cards, magnets, and prints are made locally and clever as can be!

These postcards are perfect for giving and framing. They're also only $2.45 a piece.

Need something for your single friends? Try these sucker cards:

Want to forget Valentines day altogether and skip to the next available holiday? Meghan McCrary makes cards for every occasion. These magnets are so adorable, y'all!

Happy Valentines day / Anti-Valentines day!

Go, Brian, Go!

Local artist Brian Pittman is hard at work making us some new original pieces. Go Brian! Check out these new ones:

Did we mention that these are all free-hand drawings of non-existent cathedrals? Now that we have, feel free to drool. Come see us this January, and check out Brian's unique and impressive artwork. Believe us, they're even better in person!

See you soon!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Best Kind of Dichotomy

J-Digs cards are thoughtful but naaauughty! Don't get us wrong, they're still okay for your extended family.

Whale card's inside: "That blows"
Blow me card's inside: picture of cake and "blow me"

Skittles card's inside: "You're my favorite"
Foot card's inside: "Get Toe Up"

Outside Inside

Go on, be literal! J-Digs says so.

Congrats to YOU!

There are plenty of reasons to say "Congratulations." Here are just a few reasons congrats can be in order.

Perfect for the girl or boy who needs a good shoulder pat.

Sometimes the congratulations is mutually understood. Word.

"Congrats on FINALLY getting married!"

We're so freakin' excited for you!!

Marriage, breakup, baby, or NO baby, congratulations are always a nice gesture. Come grab one of our many good job cards, and pat your self on the back for thinking of others. Congrats!