Thursday, February 16, 2012

Alaina Can Sew

If you shop at Rala, you probably know our manager, Alaina Smith. Well, wouldn't you know it, she's talented! We are so proud to announce that our lovely Alaina has her own fashion show with Knoxville Fashion Week on March 1st, 2012! (That's exactly 2 weeks, btw) It will be held in the underground of Latitude 35 at 6:30.

(Photo cred to Mr. Kurt Weiss)

Check out her bio on the Knoxville fashion week website, and grab up your ticket to the event before they're all gone! Congratulations, Alaina on your fabulous achievement!! May the fashion gods be in your favor!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love to Love

Valentines Day is NEXT TUESDAY! Are you freaking out because I said that? Did you forget altogether? Sorry!! No need to get your panties in a wad. We've got plenty of cards and gifts to fill all of your V-Day needs.

These perfumes are vegan and handmade! They'd make a good treat for your lovie dove.

Of course, we always have your long-time fave, Tokyo Milk. Romantic packaging is just a plus.

If you're more of a jewelry giver, check out Erin Herb's one-of-a-kind jewelry line, RINjuel. We could not be more in love with her top notch, curious materials and her creative way of pairing colors and textures!

For the slightly less expensive jewelry option, check out local designer, Stacy Stewart. She makes her pieces out of scrabble letters!

For the extra "special" person in your life, one of these completely individual, delightfully goofy face mugs by Chad and Meghan Nelson should do the trick.

For a romantic Valentines Day getaway without the vomit-enducing plane ride or the exuberant cost of traveling, we have candles from Paddywax that will PUT YOU THERE. New York is a great choice for a vacation, but we also have travel packages (I mean candles) to Paris, Rome, and London.

Just need a card for your mom/boyfriend/girlfriend/ex/daughter/co-worker? We've got all kinds of cards for the big day of love. This one is naughty and delicious:

These are a bit more tame, but just as cute:

We love Valentines, because it's a holiday about showing the people you care most about that you love them. One big ol' shout out to Rala employees, managers, owners, and customers:

Happy V-Day, y'all!