Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cases With Baggage

These suitcases have some baggage, let me tell you. If B.B. King wasn't complaining about the thrill being gone, then Deborah Harry would be pleading with you for respect. Let's not even start into Richard Nixon...

                                                (front)                                                     (back)

All, Hail! The King and your school books are coming through! 

                                               (back)                                                      (front)

Miss Harry is a fox. Don't you wish you could take her with you everywhere? You're welcome.

                                               (front)                                                      (back)

Good ol' Dick here is getting tricky. Better watch out!

Artist and Maryville, TN resident Jon Pemberton repurposes all of these vintage suitcases to be a whole load of awesome. They can carry your things AND gather you some respect. WORD.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What You Want to Live In:

These t-shirts are so comfy and cute, you'll want to live in them all summer. Dowdy Studios out of Austin, TX specializes in gorgeous graphics with witty slogans on THE best American Apparel worn in t-shirts.

This racer-back tank shows your support of your community, not to mention, BOOZE.

Meow-za Wow-za!
Whether your heart lies with furry animals or furry men, you can expect the same amazing fit and quality from both of these shirts. Both are a cotton blend and WILL NOT shrink. (I checked)

Folk, yeah!!
If you're good Knoxville folk, you'll know the importance of this slogan. Pick one up, wear it over to WDVX Blue Plate Special, and hoot n' holler along with Red!

Dowdy studios may be a whiles away, but it seems that they have a good feel for Knoxville. Come by a check out all the varieties by Dowdy; they're going fast like Spring!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hooray for April!

April means spring cleaning, cool showers, hiking, and floral dresses. It also means DOGWOOD ARTS FESTIVAL is back! We love all the pink, white, and green here at Rala, so stop in and see all the festivities we have in store.

This book by Nikki McClure is perfect for recordng all the fun things happening around Knoxville during Dogwood Arts Festival. You can jot down your favorite hiking trails, the prettiest artwork, and your yummiest meal.

We already love Tokyo Milk fragrances, but it seems even more appropriate during April. The scent "Dead Sexy" by Margot Elena of Tokyo Milk is decorated with pink, green, and white to show its Dogwood pride (or so we think).

Wearing these earrings by The Trolley Stop will show all other Knoxvillians how proud you are of our rich heritage. Only $19.95 a pair, too!

Our very own Meghan McCrary has made special cards celebrating the weekend's events. Decorated with dogwood flowers, these make the perfect little something to send your out-of-town friends. Why not brag about how awesome Knoxville is?
We love Dogwood Arts Festival. Come to downtown Knoxville this weekend to celebrate with us and so many other great places.
Happy Dogwood, y'all!

It was a Dark and Rainy Night...

And Mike Berry was walking around, capturing moments in Knoxville through pencil and pastel. Lucky for us, he brought these beautiful moments to US to sell!
We were so pleased to have Mike as our April first Friday Artist. Mike's work has been showcased throughout Knoxvilleand has been featured on WBIR's "Your Stories".

Mike Berry is fascinated by downtown Knoxville. He paints these scenes teamed with life and noise to create an image pulsing with the emotion and energy of the city.

Come check out all of Mike's work through the whole month of April and May, and if you're feeling saucy, take one home for your own viewing pleasure!