Friday, February 22, 2013

3'' x 3'' Love

Open forums are our culture's perfect gauge of how people feel. That's why a post-it forum in downtown Knoxville around Valentine's Day is the perfect gauge for how our city feels about love.
I have to admit, I was a little nervous leaving sharpies, post its, and a giant blank wall right outside our door, but I am pleasantly surprised at its success! People were respectful, silly, clever, loving, and excited. Check out some of our favorite post its from our downtown-famous "I Love You" wall:
I like chocolate milk too, man.

#ImaHappster = the best hashtag

Just so you know, the bottom left post-it says, "Summer thinks 2 day old popcorn is okay, but I still love her."

Nothing to say? Express your love through...origami?
We had the best time putting this together, reading responses, and watching people laugh and scream over it. Look for another post-it board VERY soon.
We're feeling LUCKY this St. Patrick's Day.... Are you? hint hint

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