Friday, February 22, 2013

3'' x 3'' Love

Open forums are our culture's perfect gauge of how people feel. That's why a post-it forum in downtown Knoxville around Valentine's Day is the perfect gauge for how our city feels about love.
I have to admit, I was a little nervous leaving sharpies, post its, and a giant blank wall right outside our door, but I am pleasantly surprised at its success! People were respectful, silly, clever, loving, and excited. Check out some of our favorite post its from our downtown-famous "I Love You" wall:
I like chocolate milk too, man.

#ImaHappster = the best hashtag

Just so you know, the bottom left post-it says, "Summer thinks 2 day old popcorn is okay, but I still love her."

Nothing to say? Express your love through...origami?
We had the best time putting this together, reading responses, and watching people laugh and scream over it. Look for another post-it board VERY soon.
We're feeling LUCKY this St. Patrick's Day.... Are you? hint hint

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Simple Math of Love

Everyone knows that 1+1=2, and 1+0=1, but did you know that 1x0=0?
Let me explain. You can be with someone, you can be alone, but if you only focus on being with another person, you'll never be anything!
Don't multiply yourself by zero!
This Valentine's Day, make sure the focus is on being an awesome YOU. Not just being with someone.
That in mind, check out these great gifts for a special someone OR a special you:
This triple quartz necklace by local jewelry designer Megan Craig of New Eve would look dainty and polished with anything. Spice up your scent with Tokyo Milk's Bulletproof parfum. It smells fancy on a man or woman!

Journals and iphone wallets are always useful, thoughtful, and are even better when they are handmade locally! Amanda McCall of Salt and Spirit and Alaina of Alaina Smith Designs coulda told ya that.



We have a card for everyone. Whether you love, like, or hate someone - get your USPS on and let them know!
One of my favorite things we did for the big V this year is create an "I Love You" board. We were able to watch Knoxville folk express their undying love, unadulterated hatred, or complete indifference for each other.
Happy Valentine's Day, friends!
We love you more than ice cream and puppies and chocolate and diamonds and putt putt golf!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The First Ladies

We just celebrated ANOTHER First Friday!
For February, we had THREE lovely ladies as our artists: Suzanne Cunningham of For You By Q, Kierstin Powers, and Meghan McCrary. Check out what they showed, and maybe even get some ideas for Valentine's Day!
For You By Q:

Kierstin Powers:

Meghan McCrary:

Happy First Friday / Valentine's, y'all!